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gun violence


This page looks at gun violence.


1. Civilian Guns per 100 People and Homicides per Million People 

2. Homicide Rate in Old West Compared to Present

There's a clear correlation between the amount of guns in the civilian population and the overall level of homicides. Guns are by far the most effective way of committing murder for any weapons which is widely available. This chart looks at the 8 most populated western countries. All are developed and high income countries. There are other differences between the countries between countries which explain difference in homicide rates. Canada has the 2nd highest murder rate and is also 2nd for number of guns.

The old west was as violent as it has traditionally been portrayed. Gun ownership was widespread and people would settle disputes with gunfights. Some modern opponents of gun control have tried to suggest that the old west was not that dangerous because everyone had a gun. However investigations into historical data have refuted this. As can see in the chart above, the average annual homicide rates in different area in the old west are significantly higher than present day USA.

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